Business Blues

February 18, 2014

Working in a corporate setting, I’m required to wear a suit.  In a sea of black, navy and gray suits, it’s hard to show my personal style.  My job is to be creative, and I try to be creative with the standard business suit.  Men have very little choice in accessorizing a suit.  So the next best thing is to use color, patterns, and small details.  Choosing a button up dress shirt with a gingham pattern is the easiest to make the suit different, but there’s nothing in the rule book that says the shirt has to be the only colorful piece of clothing.  This is why I like to add Daphne Blue pants to the mix.  White piping on a 2 button blazer and gold plates on the heel of a dress boot are small details that add some interest to the suit as well.  I typically wear a tie as well, but I find them really uncomfortable and I took it off so that I can be more relaxed since I was heading to happy hour with some friends.

Blazer – H&M // Pants – Topman // Shirt – Zara // Shoes – Aldo

Photo Credit –
Nicole Echiverri: Verve & Vanity

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