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Hiking the Jim Morrison Cave in Malibu

March 26, 2016

I’m so not an outdoorsy person.  That being said, I’m actually trying to enjoy hiking because I’m in Los Angeles and that’s what people do here for exercise.  Just kidding.

Not really; That’s really what they do here.  Well, there’s hiking or Soul Cycle, and I’m not feeling the idea of being yelled at on a stationary bike.  So nature it is.  I went hiking with some friends at Corral Canyon to explore the Jim Morrison Cave in Malibu.

The reason why it’s called the Jim Morrison Cave is because the entire cave is tagged with graffiti of quotes and lyrics by Jim Morrison and The Doors.  It was a pretty easy hike.  The drive up to the trail is probably longer, but as long as you’re with a group of friends, you can make the short hike last a few hours.

Muscle Tee – H&M (similar here) // Shorts – American Apparel // Leggings – H&M // Shoes – Nike (Similar here) // Sunglasses – H&M

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