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Louis Vuitton Series 2 LA Exhibition

April 18, 2016

Back in February, I attended the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition in Hollywood.

In November 2013, the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, announced that Nicolas Ghesquière will replace Marc Jacobs as the creative director for the company.  Ghesquière would show his first collection for Louis Vuitton in March of 2014 at Paris Fashion Week.  Now a full year later, Louis Vuitton will highlight Nicolas Ghesquière’s first few collections from Fall ’14, Spring ’15, Resort ’15, and Pre-Fall ‘15 in an exhibition that will be touring the world.

Ghesquière’s career in fashion began at a very early age.  At the age of 14, Ghesquière got an internship with French Designer Agnes B and then an apprenticeship with Corinne Cobson.  After finishing school, Ghesquière worked as an assistant to Jean-Paul Gaultier from 1990 to 1992.  His career continued designing knit wear for Pôles and a few other other companies including Italian house of Callanghan.  Ghesquière eventually ended up at Balenciaga.  In 1997, Ghesquière was chosen to be the creative director for Balenciaga at the age of 25 after his predecessor, Josephus Thimister, was fired.  Ghesquière revamped Balenciaga over the 15 years he spent at the fashion house.

The exhibition had 8 rooms each focusing on different aspects of the House of Louis Vuitton through mix media. The first room, entitled Abstract Title, was a dark black room illuminated only by a large 3D light fixture of the Louis Vuitton logo. On the wall printed was the origin story of the House of Louis Vuitton and how it started off as a packing company.

The next room was a long corridor with large screens along the walls looping models repeating lines as a line of lights on the floor imitated a runway from a fashion show. The room, called Talking Faces, is supposed to give the attendees the experience of attending the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2015 presentation show.

he third room was a video of traveling trunk that changed colors and trademarked Louis Vuitton prints. Looks from the past few collections designed by Nicolas Ghesquière flew in and out of the trunk. The trunk was considered the absolute symbol of Louis Vuitton and the mixed media flying in and out of the trunk represented the journey from past to present.

Following that room was a simple room with 3 movies projecting on the walls. Each movie showed the process of making accessories by hand. The Accessory Room was the following room where many accessories from past through present were on display, many on 3D printed avatars of model Marte Mei van Haaster. These accessories were from different periods of the company, displaying the changes of aesthetic over the house’s years.

The exhibition finished up with three more rooms; one called the Poster Room where posters of Louis Vuitton looks were collaged on the walls; the Infinity Runway where a funhouse-like room with multiple mirrors had the latest runway show projected in it; and the Backstage Room where a replica of what it looks like backstage at a fashion show was created.

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