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September 11, 2014

I’ve spent the past two months studying for the GRE.  The verbal section of the GRE was probably the hardest part for me.  I have the hardest time memorizing vocabulary, especially words that have multiple meanings.  I get that the GRE is mainly about strategy, but having to memorize words I never use with multiple meanings and when to use which meaning was a pain.

Anyway, meander was one of those words.


1.  Verb – to wander aimlessly

2. Noun – an intricate variety of fretwork (ornamental design)

With the nice weather we’ve been having, a friend and I decided to meander around the city to catch up.  Just in a t-shirt and jeans, I kept it pretty casual and comfortable.

I wore a black t-shirt from Forever 21 with the American flag printed on it in white.  What made the t-shirt interesting was that the stripes were done with Greek keys.  Greek keys, a kind of meander, is one of my favorite design elements in interior design and so I thought that its use on the American flag was very creative.  With a pair of destroyed skinny jeans from Guess, I kept the outfit pretty simple.

Since San Francisco is a walking city and I met my friend up taking through public transit.  Music and headphones are a must.  My headphones are the Diamond Tear Headphones by Monster.  I love how shiny they are and the way they look is one of the biggest reasons why I bought them (in addition to how they sound).  I also wore a spiky bracelet from Hot Topic because I feel bare if I don’t have a wrist accessory and the silver really goes well with the black and white shirt and the silver My-41 high tops from the Mihara Yasuhiro for Puma Black Label collection.

T-ShirtForever 21 // JeansGuess // BraceletHot Topic // HeadphonesMonster (similar) // Sunglasses – Prada

Photo Credit –
Nicole Echiverri: Verve & Vanity

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