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The Fashion Incubator of San Francisco

April 26, 2014

The other day, I got the privilege to take a tour of the Fashion Incubator of San Francisco.  The Fashion Incubator is a program by Macy’s to foster the talents of local fashion designers a year in hopes to stimulate the growth of the fashion industry in cities outside of New York.  The SF Fashion Incubator is located where the old Macy’s West Corporate offices are located on the men’s Union Square Macy’s building.

The program runs for a whole year and 6 designers are chosen to participate in the program.  The designers have to design a fall and spring collection and are provided mentorship through the program.  This year, there are only 5 designers because 1 had to drop out.

This year’s designers were Anna Min (Min Edition), Stephanie Bodnar (Evgenia), Lia Larrea (Lia Larrea), Dahae Kim (A-diktion), and Amanda Scarlett Smith (Scarlett Smith).

Being at the Fashion Incubator made me feel as though I was on an episode of Project Runway.  It was fun to explore and talk to each designer about their lines and their history and how they each got to the Fashion Incubator.

I remember when I first started college, I wanted to become a designer.  I always kinda knew how to sew by hand from my mom and my grandmother, and at the end of my sophomore year, my mom bought me a sewing machine where I eventually started making my own halloween costumes and altering my old clothes to make them last longer.  Although I decided not to pursue that endeavor (at least not right now), it was really inspiring to hear that although 4 of them went to college for design, there was that one that didn’t.

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