Well Hello There, 2017!

January 19, 2017

Two years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to follow a passion (how cliche does that sound by the way?).  I started graduate school to earn my master’s degree so that I could work in the fashion industry.  I was nervous because although I’ve visited LA numerous times, it was a brand new city and I had no idea what I was getting into.  On top of that, I wasn’t the best student when I was working on my undergraduate degree and I was scared that I was going to fail out of school.  However over the past two years, I’m on the path of graduating with honors, I am interning at one of my favorite brands, and I’m 5 months from graduation.

Well, 5 months if I manage to finish my culminating project and thesis on time.  I’ve decided to do my thesis on how social media has changed the fashion industry and part of this is managing this lifestyle blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account all focusing on the fashion industry.  This means I’ll be updating all of my social media channels more often.  With so many things happening this year from multiple trips to my graduation, I think I have a ton to write and work on.  So hello, 2017!  I’m ready for you!


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